Sound bites from our upcoming album!

First Days of Summer

By: Philip Topping


By: Philip Topping

The Road to Hue

By: Peter Sepsis

Takin' It Easy

By: Philip Topping

Dancing With Zina

By: Peter Sepsis

Tracks from A Life of Signs!

Red Clay

By: Freddie Hubbard

Tell Me A Bedtime Story

By: Herbie Hancock


By: Hampton Hawes

TriTone Asylum's Philip Topping is playing the Electronic Valve Instrument (EVI). The EVI combines a synthesizer and wind controller in one. Though it is usually associated with progressive jazz, the EVI is a musically versatile instrument that enhances our electro-acoustic sound.

Available on CD Baby and Canterbury Records!

Our first album, A Life of Signs, is available on CD Baby. The full album is available in CD or MP3 format.  Individual songs are also available in MP3 format. A Life of Signs is also available at Canterbury Records in Pasadena, California.  View the liner notes.

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